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Many engineering colleges define their computer engineering discipline as one which integrates both electrical engineering and computer science. Computer engineers study both the hardware as well as the software aspects of computing and also encompass solid state physics. Some areas computer engineers are involved in are firmware development, manufacturing integrated circuits, software development, computer architecture, circuit design, and system-level design and integration. Software engineering is an exciting field of work, combining technical skills and a flare for the artistic.  Software engineering is more than just coding; it involves and in-depth understanding of how individual users will actually interact with and use the software being developed.



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Become an Engineer!

Look around. Chances are you are looking at the results of the work of engineers. Buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels are just a few examples of engineering in the world around you. There is also engineering in computers (both hardware and software), heating and air conditioning, nuclear power, manufacturing, electronics, and on and on.

Engineers use math and science to make abstract ideas work in the world we live in. As our infrastructure is updated and modernized, as software continues to change our way of life, as demands increase on our environment, engineers will be at the forefront, designing solutions.

While engineering technicians can find employment with an Associates Degree, most engineering jobs require a Bachelor’s degree. Most engineering degrees combine courses on a specific concentration of engineering along with courses in the physical/life sciences.

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredits college and university programs in engineering and engineering technology.

In order to get the proper consideration from employers, its important that your degree comes from an accredited program. For the most part, all the schools listed on this site have been accredited either by state organizations and/or national organizations such as ABET.

What Are Your Employment Prospects From The Best Engineering Schools?

If you’re interested in getting an engineering degree, but want to make sure you’re making the right choice, relax. The prospects for engineers are generally very good. There are factors which can make one choice better than another, though, and it is in your best interest to look into these before choosing your educational route.

The area of engineering in which you specialize will determine your employment outlook. There is always a need for engineers, but some areas are growing at a faster rate, and therefore the chances of getting employed in these fields are highest.

Of all of the areas of engineering specialization, biomedical engineering has the best growth prospects. At 72%, the chances of getting employed in this field are spectacular. Biomedical engineers combine their knowledge of engineering with human anatomy. They make better equipment for athletes and for medicine, or make prosthetics for people and movement solutions for those with spinal injuries. By getting a degree at one of the best engineering schools, you will be well placed to get a great job in a career which will let you help people on a personal level.

Environmental engineering has the second fastest estimated growth rate. This is the branch of engineering dealing with the relationships between humans and the environment. The growing awareness of what we have done to the world around us and our responsibilities to it mean that this is an area of growing importance for engineers.

With an estimated growth rate of 24%, civil engineering is a great option if you’re trying to decide in which field you would like to specialize. Civil engineers design the communities in which you live, and the sky scrapers that decorate the skyline of cities around the world. They build bridges and roads. In ancient times, it was the civil engineers that allowed the Romans to conquer an empire. Though the profession has been around for a very long time, the technology used now is the most modern and cutting edge there is, allowing far more successes than in the past. By getting a degree at one of the best engineering schools and learning how to use this technology, you will increase your odds of getting the job you want significantly.

When you’re choosing which specialty in engineering you will focus on, do keep in mind the employment prospects and growth rates of the various fields. There will always be a need for engineers, but by making an educated decision you can be sure to choose a field which will both fit with your interests and improve your chances of getting the right job for you. Getting a degree from one of the best engineering schools is the best thing you can do to get yourself started on the right path to the perfect job.


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